Welcome to our ongoing and evolving show.  By that I mean the show belongs to me as
much as (if not more) to you.  This show's mission is to allow you to see that there is no wrong interpretation or relationship a person can have with art.


Interpretation is generated from bundled associations. An association is the product of one thing triggering a connection to another thing. I fully believe that who we are as individuals is based on the way that each of us uniquely associates detail in the world.  Formal background in art/art history is not a legal requirement for a person to enjoy the freedom to engage in the process of interpretation, and I am fairly certain that it's an involuntary act for everyone.

Without people to engage with it, I believe that art dies a lonely death. It was visual poet William Carlos Williams who offered that art should always be in a process of generating more art. If that is truly the case then your interpretations, whatever comes to you as a result of looking at the art in this room (your thoughts in words, associated images that appear, connections to bits or whole pieces of music...etc!), contributes to what Williams described.  It is your relationship to art that keeps it alive: that, to me, is the real, living art.

And if there's no wrong way to make a collage then conversely this is also no wrong interpretation or story to accompany a collage.  The chief purpose for my collages is that they read like stories, ones that are ever open to your interpretations.

Your creative interpretations should and can become an ongoing part of this show.  Even if you don't feel comfortable contributing, it would superbly interesting to learn how other minds interpret the associative relationships of objects around them, right? Art is wonder.

Think about this:

For as many people who do more than glance
at a piece of art,
that is the precise number
of interpretive creations from which we might
learn something new.