Norwell Farms

Norwell Farms is a 14-acre community farm on the South Shore of Massachusetts. 

The mission of Norwell Farms is to:

  •  Educate and engage the community about sustainable, local agriculture, along with the environmental and historic aspects of Jacobs Farm;
  •  Increase our community's access to and awareness about healthy food, especially for at-risk populations; and
  •  Protect, conserve and steward historic open space, natural habitat and farmland for the benefit of our community.

At Norwell Farms, we seek to foster a community that nurtures its soil and animals, enjoys the benefits of local food production, and learns about sustainable agriculture in New England.  We farm without the use of chemical herbicides, pesticides, or synthetic fertilizers and are taking steps to become Certified Organic.

We participate in the Northeast Organic Farmers Associations “Farmer’s Pledge.”  This program adheres to the national organic standards and goes a few steps further by encouraging farm biodiversity, reducing the farms’ ecological footprint, and fostering business ideals that protect our employees and community.