Arts At the Armory

Somerville, MA
September 18 - October 4, 2015


Brian Gordon's "WOrldy World of Collage Showy Show"

Cambridge, MA
April  2011


"Brian Gordon's Collages: The Power of Association" by Lilly McCrea ( North Shore Art Throb On-line Magazine, Spring 2010)

Vintage Collage Series: Saturday Evening Preposterous

Salem, MA
May 16, 2010

Interview with Brian Gordon. The Bubble Glass Stories with Craig Terlino. Step into Brian Gordon's psychedelic, microcosmic, little universe of time machines, nostalgia and imagination at ZuZu in Cambridge in his new collage art series, THE BUBBLE GLASS STORIES art exhibit with a pulse... Dig Boston: At ZuZu, Cambridge, MA My Youtube Channel:

Bubble Glass Stories

Cambridge, MA
January 2012


Life of Brians

Salem, MA
December 2010


Eye Recipes

Salem, MA
January 2016


Dig Boston

January 2012


Weekly DIG COver

February 2011



September - October 2015